To become a company where each and every employee finds happiness

Here at TRAJALFRERE, we place importance on each and every employee to carry out their daily work with a sense of excitement, and for them to ultimately grow as a person.
We believe that crystallization of employee’s thought and action is what creates the corporate value needed by the society, and we will strive to build the foundation of happiness among each employee through the stable expansion of company and coexistence with society.


Act by always making safety our highest priority
Customers are the ones who evaluate and select the service/products

This concept serves as our important coordinate axis when running TRAJALFRERE operation, and it is the universal concept shared by the entire employees.
Hearing a word “thank you” from our customers is what further moves our company forward.

Corporate Standards of Conduct

Work faithfully
Have desire to grow as a person

With each and every employee (including those who will be joining us in the future) taking in this conduct guideline to their heart, we will move forward together in striving to attain personal growth.


VIP attendant service

Our staff who are well trained in the field of good manners and cultural diversity equipped with the know-how of proper management and hospitable treatment of customer, will greet customer with the highest degree of hospitality. Our staff will help present professional travel experience by corresponding to the needs of special customer in an efficient way. Upon departure, our staff will greet special customer by pulling a car at carriage porch, and will guide him/her to lounge, boarding gate, and aircraft. Upon arrival, our staff will attend customer from aircraft to arrival lobby, or send off customer up to the point of leaving from carriage porch. We will provide detailed support between boarding procedure to security check, immigration inspection, and baggage pickup, so that our customer will have a comfortable arrival/departure experience.

Ground handling

It entail various work at runaway and ramp, to make sure aircraft takeoff and land on prescribed time by keeping safety regulations.

Warehouse operation/Warehouse paper work

The service mainly entail conducting procedures and paper works related to cargo/aircraft at the warehouse inside the airport being used to perform cargo procedures, etc.

Passenger service

It entails reception service at counter and gate to help customer have a comfortable start of his/her trip.

Educational projects

It entail services such as qualification obtainment support (includes certified travel supervisor certificate), job hunting support, hosting of education/hobby related seminars geared toward universities, junior colleges, students, and working adults. We offer a range of solid services such as dispatching of instructors, supply of teaching materials, student recruiting and follow up service.

About us

Company name TRAJALFRERE Ltd.(Abbreviation:TJF)
Representative Representative director Akihiko Kurohiji
Establishment date December 8, 1999
Capital 47,600,000 yen
Main investor Kurohiji group
License General worker dispatching undertakings(Dispatch No.23-020262)Paid-job-placement service(23-1-301038)
Number of employees 300 employees
Address of main office 6-2-2 Tsurumidori Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 457-0807
Business content Airport business (Aircraft support business, warehouse business, passenger service, passenger support service, VIP attendant service)education business, dispatching business, other outsourced business
Business address Main office education division; Inside main office
Airport Business Division; Centrair logistics center 4F


December 1999 Establishment of company (Name of company upon establishment: FRERE Ltd.)
October 2000 Formed business alliance with TRAVEL JOURNAL,INC.
Entrusted with TRAVEL JOURNAL,INC. Chubu branch operation (Ended upon contract expiration in December 2010)
Company name was changed from the original name FRERE Ltd. to TRAJALFRERE Ltd.
April 2001 Started education business at main office division
March 2005 Entrusted with the American Airlines premium service at Chubu Airport (Ended due to route discontinuation in October, 2005)
May 2005 Entrusted with VIP attend service for Lufthansa German Airlines at Chubu Airport.
October 2006 Opened Chubu Airport branch (presently known as Chubu Airport branch, first division)
June 2007 Started dispatch service for Swissport Japan Ltd. at Chubu Airport(Passenger service, cabin cleaning, sorting of baggage)
May 2009 Opened Chubu Airport, second division (presently known as Chubu Airport Branch, second division)
May 2009 Entrusted by Skyport Service Co. to perform various services (ramp handling, warehouse operation, etc.)
August 2010 Opened Tokyo Airport branch, Narita office, Started dispatch service for Swissport Japan Ltd. (passenger service, ramp handling)
January 2011 Opened Tokyo Airport Branch, Haneda Office
Entrusted with American Airlines premium service (Ended due to route discontinuation in December 2013)
April 2011 Entrusted with VIP attend service for British Airways at Haneda Airport
October 2011 Started entrustment of various services (porter service, wheelchair service, cabin cleaning) for Swissport Japan Ltd. at Chubu Airport
June 2012 Entrusted with first security lane operation for Japan Airlines at Narita Airport
November 2012 Entrusted with VIP attend service for British Airways at Narita Airport
March 2013 Started entrustment of services (passenger support service, VIP attend service) for Swissport Japan Ltd. at Narita Airport
March 2014 Entrusted with VIP attend service for Lufthansa German Airlines at Haneda Airport
June 2014 Entrusted with VIP attend service for Finnair at Narita Airport
October 2014 Started dispatch service of Japan Airlines VIP attend service at Haneda Airport
October 2014 Started entrustment of operation of ANA AIRPORT SERVICES CO., Haneda Airport (United Airlines VIP attend service)
December 2014 Started dispatch service of Singapore Airlines passengers SPVS operation at Haneda Airport
December 2014 Started entrustment of operation of Chubu Sky Support Co.,Ltd. at Chubu Airport
April 2015 Started dispatch service for Haneda Turtle Service Co., Ltd. at Haneda Airport (passenger service of Air Busan)
May 2015 Started entrustment of service for Haneda Air Ground Handling Co., Ltd. at Haneda Airport (Air France VIP attend service)
April 2016 Started dispatch service of passenger service for DREAM SKY Nagoya Co., Ltd. at Chubu Airport
August 2016 Started handling of passenger check-in counter service at Chubu Airport
August 2017 Overall winner of Forklift Buildup Contest hosted by International Air Cargo Terminal Co.,Ltd. at Narita Airport
September 2017 Started dispatch service of delivering in-flight meal provided by Nagoya Air Catering Co., Ltd. at Chubu Airport
October 2017 Overall winner of The First Chubu Airport Forklift Buildup Contest

Our office

Main office

6-2-2 Tsurumidori Minami-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 457-0807
TEL: +81-52-619-7881 FAX: +81-52-619-7882

Airport Business Division

Centrair logistics canter 4F, Centrair 4-11-3 Tokoname-shi, Aichi, 479-0881
TEL: +81-569-89-0230 FAX: +81-569-36-2237
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